Certified Full Course ORCA Facilitation™ ONLINE

For your convenience, we develop schedules
fitting your busy calendars.
  • 6 Sessions Of 4 Hours Each

    This way, you have at least half a day free.
  • Choose Workdays / Weekends

    Even the people indispensable at daily work, still want to learn from our course - we appreciate that and make it possible!
  • Choose Your Time

    Due to working in different time zones, we ensure diverse time slots are available for everyone.
  • Good Pricing

    Usual price: 1150 EUR* per person
    (220 EUR lower than three level-based courses separately)

    Groups of 3+ participants: 1050 EUR* per person
    Groups of 5+ participants: 950 EUR* per person
    Groups of 10+ participants: special price
    (*) VAT might be added to the prices
Give us the essential information and we will contact you immediately after scheduling courses according to your potential availability.
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